Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My kiddos.

In a previous post I referred to "a line I put down in our driveway to keep the kids from going into the street". My kid's reactions demonstrated their response to authority over all. You can read about that experience here if you want to. I finally had a chance to upload the pictures from that day, and thought I would share them. Here they are.

Here's Preston, my first born. 5 years old. He always stopped himself before he got even remotely close to my line, and threatened anyone who attempted at disobeying my orders in regards to the line.
Here's Keely, middle child. 3 years old. She joyfully lifted her feet high in the air and let herself go as far as she could. She would have loved if the car would have "accidentally" taken her past that line.
Then, there's Kipton. The baby of the family. 1-1/2 years old. He played on the line for quite a while, while looking up at me occasionally to make sure he still had to stay on that side of the line.
Cute as a button.

If you are wondering where all the recipes have gone, we have good news. We'll be posting more soon. As for myself, I have a ton of great recipes to share along with the Weight Watchers Points Plus values tacked on to them. I even have the pictures taken already. I just need to get around to posting them is all. They'll be coming soon.

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