Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have a question...

It dawned on me, last night, that I have a lot of questions I am still seeking answers to these days. One of them was almost addressed in my MOPS group this morning, and I got excited about that. I wanted to carry the thought out further, but I was losing my voice and didn't feel like talking. :)

My topic of interest right now is this: I want to be bold for the Lord. I do not want to shrink back and hope that someone else will speak out on God's behalf when He is calling me to share a message. Sometimes God gives us messages to speak. Other times we are supposed to take the thought, and pray it through, and wait on God's timing. (that was one of the many messages shared at MOPS this morning) God will make it clear when, why, and how to share a message, if He is laying it on your heart.

Having said that, what is your criteria for knowing when to speak out and when to hold back? What are the questions you ask yourself before you decide to share a message boldly?

Just to get your mind going, one of my questions would be,

"In speaking this message, am I bringing God glory, or am I trying to bring glory to myself?"

Post a comment. Please, please, pretty please, with cherries on top. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear your ideas on this!


Diane and Dave said...


I think figuring this out is called discernment. Which I am sure you already know, but what I do know and what I have learned is when I share boldly-this does not mean "bulldoze"- I do not share in such away that doesn't leave room for feedback or readjustment to the discerned message. It is shared in humility, patience and with gentleness. I think sometimes when we feel called to be bold and we are sometimes timid, the easiest thing is to "bulldoze" or come on too strong and then nobody listens. I'm learning it seems to be a lot about how, in what timing and with what Spirit I am sharing. Good question! Thoughts?

Joslyn said...

Interesting post. We are discussing this right now in our small groups at church.

I think my main thing is 1) I don't share the gospel enough; but 2) I don't want to regret NOT sharing it.

I certainly wouldn't want to direct any attention to me...only God, the Father, through whom all good things come.

I'm very interested to hear what others think, too...

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is what you are going for, but I keep in mind Job13:5. "If only you would keep completely silent. For you, that would be wisdom.". I know this seems contradictory in being bold for God, but it has helped me to avoid when it would only have been glorifying or gratifying myself. That moment of silence allows me to wait and listen to God and discern if He is prompting me to say more or not. Often it has opened a door for someone else in the conversation to speak instead and has given me the opportunity to learn and gain from them when I thought I might be in a position to offer some words of value.

MommaHughes said...

These are good thoughts. I am seeking wisdom in this area these days. I will share more specifics after I have had a chance to dig a little deeper and seek God's message to me in this area. Thank you for your insight, my sweet God-fearing friends!

Kathy S. said...

I love thinking about this. I have been walking w/ Jesus for 22 years. When I started I was so timid, and fought condemnation for that.

Thankfully we grow as we go, and He develops us into (works in us to will and act/ we are His workmanship) His will.

The when to speak and when to stay silent is learned through experience with walking with God and discerning His voice as well as the circumstances. Because our walk in this life is somewhat paradox(snake/lamb)we do have to learn to discern the whens.

Joy in the journey!