Monday, May 16, 2011

Comfort for people who feel like they are going crazy.

On a day like this, I need the Lord to help me.

Welcome to my breath of fresh air on a "day like today".
When you are having "one of those days", read these verses and take a deep breath between each one, and make the verses your prayer, along with me.

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline."
~2 Timothy 1:7

-deep breath-
Lord, give me your spirit of power, love and self-discipline today.

"The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him--the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD--"
~Isaiah 11:2

-deep breath-
Lord, give me your spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge, and a healthy fear of you today.

"I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints,"
~Ephesians 1:18

-deep breath-
Lord, enlighten my eyes in order that I may know the hope that you have called me to, and the riches of your glorious inheritance in the saints.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."
~John 14:27

-deep breath-
Lord, give me your peace today. Thank you that you do not give as this crazy world gives. Put my heart at peace, Lord.

"He will be a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment, a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate."
~Isaiah 28:6
-deep breath-
Lord, I need your spirit of justice today, I need your strength to turn this day around. Show me where you are at work today, and calm my anxious spirit, so I can be a blessing to those around me today. Hear my cry today. Cover the angst I feel with love, peace, patience, and strength. I lean on you for the things I cannot possess on my own, asking that you do a supernatural work as I seek you and praise you with what I have. Give me eyes to see the good that is around me today. Lift this overwhelming feeling that I know does not come from you. My hope is in you Lord.

If you are someone who deals with depression, you know that this is a tool to keep coming back to. For a person who battles depression, it hits harder some days than others. The hard days can really throw you for a loop. God does not define you by your bad days or your good days. He loves you every single day.

Hope this helps someone today. For more entries on depression, from my point of view, click on the "Depression" tab on the right or click here.


Cindy Loo Who said...'s not just me...that in and of itself IS comforting. Thanks for your honesty and your faith...I try to turn to the Lord but have to admit on the bad is so hard for me to recognize, reach out and grab hold of what He has for me. I love you Miss Alisha girl!

jen crane said...

my dear lovely friend, i am blessed that you would dare to write in the midst of your angst. i am not yet so bold. :) this entry sounded a bit like it was stolen from the "jen crane manual for crazy living" but i'll let it slide for now and settle any plagiarism issues at another time. basically, all this hoohah to say I LOVE YOU and can't wait to meet up with you at the clearance rack in kmart again soon. :)

cassie said...

thank you miss alisha! thank you for being so bold. i am so glad not only did you write in the midst of your angst, you gave me verses and prayer. something i forget to do sometimes when i am in the midst of those feelings. now i know that i have prayers and God's promises and words to go to when those feelings creep up. u r an awesome and courageous woman and i thank you for you!

Nikki said...

Love you, girl. Thanks for your daily encouragement. God has gifted you mightily.