Friday, April 6, 2012

Our indescribable God.

Louie Giglio is an author and a speaker who inspires people to look beyond just what is front of them to see the universe that God has created as it relates to them. Many of Giglio's topics speak to how BIG God is and how small we are, and yet how God loves us and sees us and takes care of us just the same. Truly it is an "indescribable God" (which is the name of one of his books) who can pay attention to the tiny intricate details of every little part of every human body, while also keeping the entire universe spinning in orbit just as it should be. I am choosing one video of many on youtube, but I would suggest getting on there and looking up one or two of his other videos when you have a chance because I think they are amazing perspective builders and they will make you love God even more as you learn more about Him. Enjoy. . .

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