Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I promise you victory and I promise you my presence.

Every Sunday is a good Sunday at my church.  I wanted to highlight a sermon that I especially appreciated a couple of months ago. Gene Tanner is my pastor and he did a sermon on the story in the Bible on the walls of Jericho. In his sermon he said this:

"His (God's) blessings are available to you and Satan's found a way to keep you from them. Well, no wonder you are discouraged. Who wouldn't be? No wonder you feel like a spiritual failure. Who wouldn't? And we find out what happened. . .They complained; disbelief--disbelief always leads to disobedience if you give it enough time. . ."
-Pastor Gene Tanner

Later in the sermon, Pastor Tanner said this:

". . . And God said, 'I promise you victory, and I promise you my presence."
-Pastor Gene Tanner

Are you feeling discouraged in your spiritual journey lately? Could you use some "victory" in your life??

Click on the link here to hear this life changing message. You'll have the opportunity to find out what Pastor Tanner's answer is to this question of what to do when faced with discouragement and the feeling of spiritual failure.

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