Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BOOK GIVEAWAY TIME: A Different Kind Of Blossom

I have not been doing any book giveaways because I have not wanted to mess with them, but THIS one is worth it, and YOU are worth it, so here it is folks!

I have been intentionally building up this book giveaway for some time now because I just love the authors so much and I believe in their message....love, hope, grace, perseverance, etc. etc. I am happy to get this beautiful book into someone's hands. :) Might it be you? Now that you have heard a little bit about Rhonda and her twin sons from the previous couple of posts I have done about them (if you have not checked those out yet you might want to do that) , here's a little tidbit about their book, A Different Kind Of Blossom~

A Different Kind Of Blossom is a book of personal essays about a mother, Rhonda McMillon, who has a mental illness. The book also includes essays by her three sons and their grandmother about how they learned to understand Rhonda’s mental illness. A Different Kind Of Blossom focuses on how individuals with mental illness, like all others, need to be heard, honored, respected, and given unconditional love. It describes how faith in Jesus Christ, love for the family, and understanding mental illness can help relationship between families grow into a beautiful flower.
I believe in the future of this family, and I think you will too, as you read this book. They pour their hearts out onto these pages. They are very genuine about the hardships they have faced, the insecurities, the questions, the doubts, the and the agonizing desperation of not understanding the mental illness that snuck its way into their family. Pick up this book. It's an easy read. It's just a compilation of short essays that allow you to see into the lives of a single mother and 3 her teenage sons and her mother. Read and be a part of their journey as it unfolds as they sort through the pain and questions of a severe mental illness that Rhonda could not control. Then, you have the pleasure of reading the end where Rhonda's mother, Essie, wraps it up with helpful tips and enjoy reading the boys insights about a deeper, clearer understanding of what love is that they only could have learned from this experience with their mother.

Look at me. I'm giving the whole book away!!!! Sign up for the giveaway if you want to know what the book says, for crying out loud!!! :)
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Cathy Floyd

Love is... saying "I love you more".

Anonymous said...

nikki haines
you got my digits :)
love is you before me.

Tina Worden said...

Tina Worden - facebook or 96scooter@msn.com

Love is....(as applied to our children) - that undeniable feeling that you would do anything for them, to include laying down your life for them unconditionally no matter what they have done Just as Jesus did for all of us


Who won ???

Momma Hughes said...

Tina Worden won the book giveaway. Thank you to everyone who participated!!! :)