Friday, April 22, 2011

What my last three posts have to do with Easter!

All of the interactions we read about of Jesus interacting with people are true. They happened. All of them point us back to the cross. The cross is the place where all of things Jesus had been talking about come together and make sense. Jesus was God in the form of man. He came to teach us how to live, but also that we may have life and life more abundantly. We can stop sizing ourselves up against those around us when we look into the compassionate, forgiving eyes of Jesus. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we are able to be forgiven, become clean, and become a new person. Jesus coming into the world, and dying on the cross allows us to have an intimate relationship with the God who created us. We are given the invitation to be free from the judgment of man...not just in Heaven, but now too. We see our worth in His eyes, and can accept who we are because He accepts who we are. His assessment of us is the only one that matters, and there can be joy in your life when you choose to accept that. To live for this world, and its immediate rewards and consequences is to live a life in bondage. Jesus provided a way that you could be free from the bondage of sin, both now and in even more so, in eternity.

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