Thursday, August 25, 2011

The prayer of an old broken down momma...

I apologize for the areas of my life I have I left unattended and grossly neglected. I'm sorry for the many areas of my life that have been seemingly broken and left un-repaired, as I continued on in my hurried pace trying to keep up with what I thought to be important. I am sorry for neglected areas in my life that I have yet to even discover because I did not want to face how hard it might be, so I remained distracted by lesser things.

Have mercy on me, Lord for the ways I continued to grow weaker and weaker and did not come to you for strength over these past few years. Give me a heart that breaks for the things that your heart breaks for. I'm intentionally slowing down now Lord, trying to tune everything else out, leaning into you more, so you can build me back up. I'm breathing in your air more deeply now, giving you permission to break me down and build me back up. Rebuild me Lord. Make me stronger into who you created me to be. A vessel that confidently moves forward in obedience to You, Lord. Take this time, Lord, to rebuild me up into a strong woman of faith who is unwaveringly and undeniably your girl. Bless this time Lord. Rebuild my energy and strength. Restore any relationships that have gone by the wayside that need to be restored. Renew my spirit until it is better than I can even imagine it ever being, please with a cherry on top. ALL FOR YOUR GLORY LORD. ALWAYS FOR YOUR GLORY. Amen.

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