Thursday, August 18, 2011

God's Redemptive Work.

Inspired while listening to Faith Radio today.

"When someone places a judgment on you they try to place a period on the end of that sentence. God takes that period and puts a new ending on that sentence."
~Susie Larson
Thank you Lord, for your redemptive work on our lives.

God, let us not be held down by our past failures, but be renewed by your sweet cleansing redemption. We need you Lord. We are available to you. Empower us. Speak your truth over us, and transform us into sons and daughters who bless you with our lives, Lord. We put our hope and our trust in you as we move forward in obedience to you. Take each stronghold and replace it with sweet release and freedom. Take each regret and transform it into something new and glorious.
Where we have emptiness give us fullness.
Where we have pain, give us healing.
Where there is sorrow, bring joy.


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