Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seeking God's will in your Life. Part Two

You know my story. 3 kids under 5 years old. One is over-ambitious. Another is over-reluctant. The baby is "in between"...not too hot, not too cold...just right. On a typical day, I'm pulling one, dragging another, and yelling out to one, "Hey! Keep up!". Each child was born so very different from the other two.

I believe that we are all born with a natural tendency to go in one direction more than the other, by default. Either we tend to jump forward without much thought when an idea hits us (that would be me) or we sit on a thought for ages, until the opportunity has passed. (I might be married to someone with this tendency...I'll just leave you guessing) There are a few of us who are blessed with the perfect "in-between"(must be nice, right?). Many of us will weave from one side of the spectrum to the other based off of how we are feeling from one moment to the next. On a good day we are pumped up for Jesus, and on a bad day, we're lucky to feed the kids cereal. (In extreme cases of high highs, and low lows...there could be more to your story... please read the post on depression. I don't not suggest this with a tone of condemnation, but rather, as someone who has been there and lived to tell about it)

Message to over-ambitious people...stop for a minute. Pray more. Talk less. :) This is my message to myself. God wants to do great things with you, but it is not up to you to do them. Does that make sense? Give room for God to be at work. When you have a nudge you believe is from the Lord be willing to stop and pray before you take action. At the end of the day you want to know that it was God at work and not you just carrying out your own plans.

Message to over-reluctant people...stop stopping. :) Take a leap of faith. Pray and then move into action, trust God with the things you don't have figured out. There is an element of "God is just going to have to work out the things I don't have all figured out". That's okay. He can handle it. Trust that if He is calling you to step out in faith, that He will cover the areas you don't have tackled.

Message to in-between people...HALLELUJAH for people like you! :) Help the people around you. There is power in numbers. Team up with the over-ambitious, and over-reluctant people. Create harmony, and work together for God's purposes. If we can look at each other with eyes of grace, and get all different types of people to come together, using their God-given strengths to carry out a common goal, in God's name...phew...watch out!

MY PRAYER, as a stay-at-home mom.
Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you for this season of my life that feels quite mundane, at times. I appreciate this season of refining, and re-building. I am aware that every season of my life will have its blessings and its struggles. I am also aware that if I stay faithful to you in the season I am in, seeking you with all of my heart, I will see you at work and the blessings will carry over into the next season of life. Thank you for this time with my little kids who make us laugh every day. Thank you for this season of life when the things I say and do only affect a few people, giving me some room to work out some of the disaster areas in my life that need your redemptive touch still. Thank you for your grace, and that my kids won't remember everything. :) Someday my kids will grow up and make good choices on their own, for now I will ask you for daily wisdom in dealing with them. I trust that you are using these days to build into me and into my children. I trust that the work that is done now will not be in vain...that you will use this time of instruction so that we can accomplish your will in our lives later when you send us out into a great big ocean of possibilities. Your love is deep. Your love is wide. You do not hold anything good from those who love you. Thank you for your patience as we seek you. Thank you for the way you call us to something greater than we would ever attempt on our own. May these days be a blessing to you Lord, but may they also set us up for the next place you are wanting to take us. Your ways are higher than our own. We trust you, knowing that whatever you call us to is our "best case scenario". Yours truly, Alisha.

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morning sweet girl :) thanks for this latest post, my friend. love it love it love it.