Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking to Jesus.


"So man, why do you fret and run to and fro
Frantically searching for which way to go
Staying up late, planning your life
Worrying about money, living in strife.

Thinking you’re un-worthy, filled with doubt
Feeling boxed in and seeing no way out
Holding onto the past with its burdens and pain
Letting go of hope that you’ll ever smile again.

All you need do when things are looking so dim
Is to read His word and trust in Him.
He has a plan all worked out for you,
And there’s nothing better that you could do.

So why not just seek His purpose and plan
Let Him order your steps as only He can
And enjoy living a life of hope and peace
Confident His work in you will never cease."

--Orginal poem by: Leona J. Atkinson 2008

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