Sunday, April 3, 2011

Being transformed into someone who says "God is God". Part One.

I used to watch Oprah. Later in the day, Scott would come home from work, and I would tell him about my day. "Oprah said, that we should...blah blah blah." His eyes would glaze over. (or roll to the back of his head...not really sure which)

One day I saw an Oprah show about men who were gay and were telling their wives, for the first time after 20 plus years of marriage. After 20 some years, they admitted they were gay and left their wives. I was stunned. The thought had never occurred to me. Instantly, I was paranoid. What if my husband has been lying to me this whole time? I drilled him when he came home from work, and then continued to say things just to see his response. I just didn't want to be thrown off guard 20 years from now, that's all. If some other random guy was gay, then mine might be too!

It's ridiculous, isn't it? We are so easily persuaded by the people we choose to listen to. Unless we are intent on establishing where we stand before a situation presents itself, we can be very easily influenced when decision time comes. This tells me two things.

One. WE gotta know where we stand on some things! Teens, decide what you are going to do before drugs and alcohol ever present themselves. Decide if you are going to have sex before marriage before the opportunity to have sex ever rears its seductive head. Decide you are not going to be someone who lies to his/her parents before you are put in a position where lying to get what you want would be very easy to do. Know who you are. Who I am is someone who is cool without drugs. Who I am is someone who is going to be honest with my parents. These kinds of decisions are easily made before it comes time to make a decision, and much harder to make when they are presented by someone you thought you admired.

Two. WE gotta be careful where we are getting our information. Ask yourself: What does the Bible say on this issue? If you aren't sure, find out. Be careful what you watch and who you listen to.

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