Monday, July 25, 2011

Be Comforted

Could you use a little extra comforting today?

Listen to the sweet words of Gwen Smith, the soft melody of her music, and the comfort of the message behind her song. God is your comfort and you can rest in HIM.

MY God, MY comforter, My prayer...

"I know you're here.
I know you care.
I know you want to fill the emptiness..."

It's comforting to know that
The darkness cannot hide your light.
Your light penetrates right through.
And Lord, right now I need your might,
and some of your comfort too...

...I'm glad you're here Lord.

As a child of the King, you have the privilege of sitting at His feet. You can rest in Him, find your comfort in Him, and move forward renewed and refreshed, even if your circumstance has yet to change. Ahhhh...that's better. ;)

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