Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lesson from my 3 year old: What do you do if your needs are not being met?

Continuation from the previous post.

Over and over and over again. (all day, every day)
My answer: "What do you do if your needs are not being met?" TRUST. and then trust some more.

I am not a super star mom with the power to know all things, and I cannot do all things well. I make mistakes every single day in parenting. I tell my children to trust me because I know more than them on most things, but sometimes I have to recognize the fact that I am not all-knowing and that there are times I have be vulnerable enough to let them teach me something. (I hate those times) :)

God, on the other hand, is ALL-KNOWING! There is NOTHING hidden from Him. You CAN trust Him! He sees you. He has not forgotten about you. You are precious to him. He knows all of the intricate details of your life...the good, the bad, the ugly.

He does ALL THINGS well. Lean on HIM!

You don't have to wonder if he is up to something good. You don't have to wonder if he just doesn't know what he is doing. He sees the whole picture. Where I, as a parent, might just not understand the situation accurately, or might be driven by my own selfish motives from time to time, God is not. He has HIS best interests in mind, but they always coincide with YOUR best interests. He sees your situation much better than you ever can. He sees through the eyes of eternity. You can always trust Him to have the big picture in mind. Even if you die in an effort to obey what He was calling you to do, you can rest assured that God will use all you did to His glory in the future generations. Others will be blessed by the choices you make, and nothing you do for the Lord will ever be done in vain. Also, a little concept that we trust to be true even when we can't wrap our brains around it is that "your reward will be in Heaven". You can trust Him with your life.

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