Friday, July 1, 2011

A Story Worth Reading!!!

I stumbled onto a blog today that is written by a friend of a friend. :) It was a blog that I had only checked out on one other occasion, a long time ago. The author is Susie Finkbeiner. She is a fiction author. As I was trying to delete my ridiculous stash of emails I got pulled into this particular entry she had written that was part of a series of entries. If you have ever had to deal with a family member you did not want to forgive you might relate to this one.

One thing I am learning right now is that generational curses and blessings can be passed down but they can also be stopped, and we do make a choice. It might be work, but there is an element of choice. I'm recognizing some things this year that were passed down in my family that I am not proud of. Don't get me wrong. There were MANY things that were passed down in my family that I was very proud of as well. It wasn't all bad, but there were a few things that were overlooked and swept under the rug that really probably should have been dealt with. A choice must be made now. Many choices actually. As I sort through the complexities of it all, and the feelings that come up, I must make the decision whether or not to offer grace and forgiveness to my family members as part of my healing process. I could choose to hold resentment, but if healing is going to happen I must decide to say, "I will love you where you are at, offering grace and forgiveness to you, while at the same time doing what I can do in my power to make sure that this thing stops here for the good of myself and the generations that come after me."

Check out this short story.
Her story is not exactly like mine, but you'll see how it relates. I love how Susie keeps your attention by drawing you in to each person's perspective. Very neat idea, and very well written! Thank you for that gentle reminder to take in account other people's perspectives and where they might be coming from. It's always easier to give grace to someone after you know where they have come from. Nicely done.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Alisha! I'm so glad that this story touched your heart.

Amelia said...

So glad you found Susie! Isn't her storytelling beautiful?

Momma Hughes said...

Susie, It sure did! Very well written! Loved it, right to the very end!!! Amelia, absolutely! She is incredibly talented. So glad you suggested her back in the day, and glad that I signed up for her emails so I could "accidentally" get this one at just the right time. ;)