Friday, June 10, 2011

Some of the things you might hear in my home these days...

"...and don't forget to wipe your butt!"

"Keely! Get off him!"

"Mayeee...Mayeeee....Mommmma?" (Kipton needing my attention)

"Can we have a snack?" (5 minutes after lunch)

"Can we eat at a place?" (referring to eating out rather than enjoying the meal I just made that they do not want to eat)

"Dabba dabba doh Dowa!" (Kipton singing his version of the Dora song)

"Nummies?" (Kipton asking for a snack)

"Not right now; maybe in a little bit" (me...all day long)


"Pah yay!" (Kipton saying he wants to go potty)

"Pett-en!" (Kipton saying his brother's name, Preston)

"Choooom! Choom! Ffff..Chooooooooooom" (Preston running around the house pretending to be something he is not)

"This thing is turning off and on"
(referring to the lights in our basement, or the reception on our TV depending on what day it is)

and "You're a good girl mommy" (when I do what the children have requested) Oh dear. :)

(more to come)

Hope your home is as fun as mine today! :)

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