Friday, June 10, 2011

How can people starve to death when God says HE will meet ALL our needs? PART ONE.

One of my sweet friends in the faith has been bringing me some of her deeper questions lately and I LOVE it. God wants us to ask questions. When things don't line up in the Bible, it's not just because we are stupid and cannot understand. He wants us to seek Him, to ask questions about why things aren't making sense to us. We will never have all the answers on this side of Heaven, but THAT is NOT an excuse to give up seeking answers when God shows you a problem. There are times in life when we are too immature in our faith to tackle some of the bigger mysteries before us. God's grace will cover the things you do not understand. At what point, though, do you acknowledge God's nudging on your heart to dig deeper and make your life about more than just YOU? Hmmm... (I'm talking to myself, but I am throwing it out there for you to consider for yourself as well) Read the question my friend sent me...

Okay, so I need to talk. In the bible (I've been doing the 30 min. with God thing) and I was reading in Matthew where it talks about worry. It says, "Do the birds worry what they will wear or about food? Don't you know your father in heaven cares more for you?" and in Philippians it talks about God supplying for all our needs. Okay, when I think of basic needs I think of food, shelter, water, and love. So then my mind goes to the people in third world countries like Africa, and I wonder,
"Okay, so if God supplies for all our needs why are their basic needs for food, water, shelter, etc. not met?"

This is a huge question. I don't mean to make it small and act like it is easy to answer, but I want to throw out some thoughts to get you thinking about what YOU can do to answer this question in your own life. I'm going to answer this question with a quote I stole from Eric Ludy's interview with Susie Larson, and a video that he made to drive home his point. I LOVE THIS because it presents this message in a way that makes so much sense to me, and I hope it will help you too.

"God is a father to the fatherless through His body (Christians) so if His body doesn't use their hands, their feet, their eyes, their homes, as the very answer to that orphan prayer and that orphan is crying out, "Is there a God? Please Help me." ....We are His body! 148 millions orphans!! How does this change? It changes one Christian at a time, saying, "I'm willing God, to be the answer to that orphan's prayer."
-Eric Ludy
Watch this heart-stirring video and be moved...

OH DEAR GOD! My house is a mess, but at least I have a house. My children whine for food, but I thank you that they are not starving. Get us out of our house, Lord. There is so much more you want us to be doing than to just manage to keep up our house and yard! There are others DESPERATE for their basic needs to be met. Dying. Hurting. In agony! Stir up the hearts of thousands of Christians. Give us a taste for more than what is in front of us. Make us hunger for more than just food, but for righteousness. Make us die to ourselves and our own desires more that we might find satisfaction in helping others who NEED you, Lord. WE are YOUR body, here to work out YOUR purposes here on earth. Use US, Lord, to establish your will on earth as it is in Heaven! What a bold thing to ask. We don't ask this lightly. You tell us to ask for it, so we do, knowing that it will require us to take action. We ask this in your Holy name, Amen.

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