Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Walking with a limp and crawling to the cross.

I loved what Phil Calaway had to say the other day about talking honestly, and I wanted to draw attention to one specific thought that he brought up. I loved the humble, and significant word picture this thought created. Check this one out...

"When I sin I confess it, giving thanks. 1 John 2:1 tells me that he defends me before the Father. You're going to come to find out that Phil Calaway walks with a limp and so do my greatest heroes of the faith but maybe it's because of that limp that so many others can catch up to us and ask for help. And when we sin, let's just crawl back to the cross and we're going to find that there's a God that's going to love us and use us to bring others to Christ."
-Phil Calaway

Don't you just love that?
TWO THINGS that require embracing humility...and the sooner we do it the better off we are...
1. "Maybe it's because of that limp that others can catch up to us and ask for help." (AWESOME)
2. When we sin, let's just crawl back to the cross and find the God that loves us. (YES!)

Thank you for the many times you've loved me, embraced me, and forgiven me, as I have crawled my way back your cross, knowing I have fallen short of who you have created me to be. There is freedom in your arms Lord. Thank you for the clean slate that keeps being wiped clean so that I can hold my head high in spite of my past. Thank you for the freedom this creates and the joy that I am able to experience when you choose to use me to bring others to yourself when they see my "limp" and identify with it and start asking questions. Lord, you are so good. There is none like you. Use me, Lord, please. Continue to use me for you glory. Make my life about more than just me. Use every trial and triumph in my life and use it to bring glory to yourself. Amen.

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