Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Post: Cardboard Testimonies

Just what is a cardboard testimony? It’s a visual representation of how God has turned your life around. On one side, a person would write a word, phrase, or sentence about a struggle they had in their lives without God. On the flip side, they would change the words to show how God has blessed them. For example, a cardboard testimony might read, “Always Felt Empty” then on the other side, “Full of Joy.” For a better idea, you can watch this video:

Cardboard testimonies are a powerful way to show the power of God’s amazing love in your life. For those who may be uncomfortable sharing their full testimony in front of a church body, cardboard testimonies are another way to explain how God has changed your life.

Believe it or not, I'm not certain where Cardboard Testimonies actually started. While Hillside Christian Church in Amarillo, Texas, was the first to post a video online in 2006, the church’s pastor mentioned that he “borrowed” the idea from a church in Las Vegas. The idea has since spread to many churches across the U.S. and around the world.

Watching a presentation of Cardboard Testimonies is truly inspiring. People who suffered from all kinds of problems – depression, infertility, drug addiction, anger, and abuse – have found comfort and healing through God’s love. Perhaps you might even think about organizing a presentation at your church, bible study, or conference.

What would your Cardboard Testimony be?

About the Author: Marcia Colgar owns the site, Online Christian Colleges. She writes various articles about faith-based education.

Alisha Here:
Thank You Marcia, for sharing this idea!!! Our church has done this before, as well, and I agree with you that and it is a VERY powerful demonstration that brings God glory in a special way!!!

I would LOVE to hear from the rest of you!!!! Take a moment now to post your "cardboard testimony" as a "comment" under this post. There is something WONDERFULLY rewarding, and liberating, in sharing our testimonies. And there is something POWERFULLY uplifting and bonding as we boldly, and compassionately, connect through our stories. Are you at a place in your life where you have a "cardboard testimony" to share? Might you consider letting God use you today. Share your cardboard testimony with us. If need be, you can post your comment anonymously, but for those of you who identify your names, you will be entered into a drawing and I will be randomly choosing one person to bless with a "PRIZE" later this week. :) (and no, it won't be made of duct tape and cardboard)


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cassie said...

one side-bound by sin
other side-living freedom through Christ