Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Day in my Life

Can I just share what kind of a morning I had today? I don't typically do that on our site, because this site is about meals. Today; however, was just one of those days and since this site is also about moms, I just had to share.

I woke up today, thinking, "okay, it's Friday and I have not made it to the YMCA all week. I WILL get there today." I was getting myself syked up and ready to go, and I was getting everyone else ready too, of course. I got to the part of making lunches for my kids (besides watching our children while we work out, my YMCA also feeds the kids if I am there between 11 am-1 pm and have packed food for them, and this was part of my plan) I was using my new lunch containers and I was feeling good about myself. I had just finished preparing the lunches when I looked up at my two children and saw the one thing I really hoped not to see today...SNOT! Lots of it. They've had colds all week long, which is why I have not taken them to the YMCA, and apparently they were not over them yet. "Noooooooo". (That's me) I let out a sigh, and decided that exercising could wait just one more day. "We've already got their lunches all packed nice and neat, so we'll just do a picnic in our backyard," I told myself. The day did not have to be totally shot. I looked over at the inflatable kiddie pool I had bought a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale, still in its package. I decided to be "Mom of the Year", at least just this one day. I imagined the kids playing in their swimsuits, and us all having a lovely picnic, as the sun shone down on us in our perfectly mowed backyard. (What? It could happen) I got out the swimmers diapers, put swimsuits on the kiddos after chasing them around the house, slathered up some sunscreen, pulled together the essentials for a great time: blanket, baby walker, etc. etc. I was ready to go, and the kids were getting more and more excited with each second that passed. Now it was time to blow up the kiddie pool. I took it out of the package.... Wait a minute! What's this? It looked like a DEMO version of a kiddie know, a smaller version of the real thing. "This can't be right!" I laughed to myself. I read the packaging one more time. Hmmm..." "Ring Pool" was the big font, but up in the left hand corner, it read, "swim inflatable". Sure enough...this was not a pool at all, it was an inflatable for a pool! Okay. That's alright. My kids won't care. They'll still have fun. (I imagined the kids splashing in the pool, and having a good time) Here we go. I blew the silly little thing up...if nothing else, my ten month will get some joy out of this thing...besides, it was 25 cents.

(To be continued...the kiddos need me right now. I promise to finish this story, though, and I promise it gets better.)

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