Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Freedom in Christ

"We are a free nation, but that word 'free' gets a little weird. Because there's a lot of different definitions of freedom. There is a right definition to freedom and a wrong definition to freedom. The wrong definition says 'You're free to do what you want'. Well, no you're not. You're not free to do anything you want.  You can't even speed. You're not free to do what you want. True freedom is freedom to do what you ought." -Pastor Gene Tanner

The truth will set you free. But what is the truth? Find out by watching this podcast link of the sermon that my pastor preached this past Sunday. He titled his sermon, "Freedom in Christ" and he did an excellent job spelling out why we, as Christians, are free in Christ, as opposed to being "slaves to Satan". Check it out by clicking on the church logo below:

(Sidenote: If you feel like you are going through a season of your life where Satan is attacking you and instead of experiencing freedom in Christ you are feeling like a slave to sin, you might like to read this post.)

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