Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You MUST listen to this interview...It's SOOO good!!!

I love when that happens!!!

One of my favorite people on the planet, Susie Larson, did an interview with someone on the planet I didn't know, before today but now like, Tullian Tchividjian, pastor and grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, to talk about his new book, Jesus + Nothing = Everything. They talked about how many Christians struggle through their days, trying to be better and failing, forgetting that they already have everything they’ll ever need.

In Susie's blog entry later that week she said this in response to her in interview with Tullian (pictured above):

"Tullian passionately shared how being on the receiving end of gossip, fault-finding, and assigned motives "broke his legs" and taught him to fully depend on the Lord. He now walks in a whole new level of freedom and power! God showed him how very much he depended on man's approval for his peace of mind. Don't we all fall easily into that trap?

And yet, when we put our hope in anything but Christ, even the noblest of causes or the best of people, those things become idols. Our hope is in the living, loving God who promises never to leave us or forsake us."
Don't you just love that?
I know you are just dying to listen to the interview now. :) Okay, I'll let you. Click on the link below. I promise it will be worth every second. Listen right to the end. You won't regret it!!

Faith Radio Net :: The Formula for the Christian Life

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Momma Hughes said...

If I am something, then God is not everything; but when I become Nothing, God can become ALL, and the everlasting God in Christ can reveal Himself fully. -Andrew Murray