Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you need healing?

God has surrounded me with AMAZING people of faith, near and far. I am blessed to be in a season in my life right now where there are INCREDIBLE men and women who are solid in their faith all around me-- some of them are intentionally pouring into me because they want to be, some I have intentionally sought out myself, some I look up online, and others just happen to be where I happen to be by the Lord's divine choosing. One of my "happen to be's where I be's" is the head pastor of my church, Pastor Gene Tanner. I just happen to get to be under his influence...along with the rest of the church body, of course. He's one of those preachers that gets better every week. I realize it's November now and Pastor Appreciation Month ended last week, but ya know...he's THAT good that I still brag on him even one week later! :)

One of the things he mentioned in his sermon yesterday he got from theologian Dr. Lawrence Blackburn. He said that on average, "one out of every seven verses in the gospels (which would be the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible) is a healing." Hmmmm... interesting, huh? He gave more facts than that about Jesus' healings. You'll have to listen to the podcast link below if you are interested in hearing them all.

Our church did an anointing service yesterday. It wasn't the first, and it most certainly will not be the last. Nothing screams comforting louder (to me) than a God who desires to heal His children. I said in my post yesterday that I would link up to the message from my pastor in case if any of my readers needed some kind of healing in their life, or knew of someone who did, and wanted to hear what Pastor Tanner had to say on the subject.

So, with no further ado, here is the link to the message Pastor Gene Tanner shared yesterday on healing...
Anointing Message at Valparaiso Nazarene Church on 11/6/11

Hope this message helps someone, and possibly helps spur on the faith of someone who could really use it. YOU ARE LOVED! Whether you need physical, spiritual, emotional, or some other kind of healing, God is still in the business of healing, even today!!!! Sometimes He provides us with a quick, immediate healing when we call out to Him. Other times He hears our prayer, and puts into motion a whole sequence of events and we just trust, in faith, that He is working on our behalf, in ways we cannot see. Have faith. He hears your prayers, He knows your needs, He has ALL the resources in the world available to Him, and there is NOTHING in the world that is above his realm of possibility. HAVE FAITH!!!

YOU (wherever you are reading this) ARE NOT OUT HIS REACH

Don't be afraid to accept the love, the forgiveness, and the healing that God offers. The blessings, and the liberating freedom, are so incredibly worth it when we release our burdens, in faith, to the God who can heal us and restore us. Whataya say?

Awesome song time? Sure! Why not? :o)

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