Saturday, November 5, 2011

Awesome Song Time.

I had the privilege of hearing my dear friend share a smidgen of his testimony last night and then share this song afterward. He was celebrating 5 years of being free from his drug addiction. I've heard it said before that "the depths of the dealing always corresponds to the height of the calling". I love delivering that message to people because I truly do believe that it is true. I do think that there is a special depth to Alex that is only there because of the "depths" God has pulled him through, and I believe God has a calling for Him that maxes out in height in comparison the depths that God pulled him from. I am VERY, VERY excited for what God has in store for him. He is at the very early stages of his journey toward what I believe will be a VERY large and successful ministry for the Lord someday that will span across the country and eventually the world...although I cannot tell you for sure what exactly that will look like yet. I believe he is destined for GREAT things. Currently we are blessed to have him helping to lead worship at our church in good old humble Valparaiso, Indiana. Check out this message to one of his songs that he wrote:

Push on through to your destination.
Move along without hesitation.
This ain't about denomination.
It's a rising up of a generation.
Sing Amen.

I hear Angels singing in the back of my mind.
God is good all the time.
All the time God is good.

Push on through to your destination.

This is a beautiful song, Alex with a powerful message. Thank you for sharing this! Proud of you brother. Keep on pushing through to your destination Alex. You're right!!! You're absolutely right!!! That IS a message from the Lord! :0)

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