Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another vivid dream I had.

I had a strange dream last night. (It happens a lot actually) My husband always says he can't remember his dreams. I always remember mine. I used to be flying in my dreams a lot. I mean, like Superman, but without the cape. :) I am usually not flying anymore, so that makes me happy. I used to always think that meant I was a crazy person and belonged in a crazy house. Last night I was in a car. Cars are for normal people. I like that I was driving in my dream last night. Normal people drive in cars. :)

It was getting late and I needed to get gas in my car. There were lots of people out this particular night...truckers, teens, families, all kinds of different people, different ethnicities, ages, the whole bit. There were several gas stations all lined up, one right after another. Everyone needed gas--as if this was the normal routine. No one was out just for a drive, everyone was buckling down for the night and was needing a fill up, so the question became "where were you going to fill up?"

I was looking at each of the signs at each of the gas stations noticing the price differences on each one. $2.46, $3.42...some were off by a couple of pennies and some were off by quite a lot. Everyone was lining up for the cheaper gas stations, of course, but the prices were changing, which made it just that much more confusing and frustrating. I was feeling the pressure of the moment. I was having a hard time knowing which place to plug in at....which line to get into. I was looking around at everyone else to see what they were doing.

People who were in the line with the cheap gas were really excited when they realized they went to the right gas station. Others were bummed when they realized they spent their money at a gas station that was slightly pricier when they could have gone to a cheaper one down the way.

I felt like God was showing me three things from this dream, none of them having anything to do with gas prices, because God knows I don't care about gas prices:

1. Everyone NEEDS to be filled up. (spiritually) Everyone gets knocked down and needs to get filled back up. I may think that I am alone for feeling that way but the truth is as long as we are here (on Earth) we are all going to have hurts, pains, and questions that we have to bring back to the one who made us and knows everything about us (and the world around us) so that we can be renewed again. EVERYONE needs a daily fill-up (this is a universal need)...not unique just to you or me.

2. It matters where we go to get that fill up. It matters if we get the cheap counterfeit version of a fill-up (on facebook, TV, a boyfriend, at a bar, magazine, the dad you can never quite seem to please, a group of friends, etc.), of if we go to GOD to get a genuine peace in the depth of our soul. It may be easier, quicker, more instantly gratifying to hear what I want from a human or from some other source, but I have got to get it from my God if it is going to TRULY transform me from the inside out. There may be a whole line up of gas stations out there, but I gotta know that there is only one for me and keep going back and plugging in to that ONE.

3. In a world where everything changes and you can't seem to count on anything, you can count on the love and acceptance of your Lord to remain the same in your life day after day after day. Amen? YOU are LOVED unconditionally. Let that fact dig deep down into the depths of your being and fill you up until your tank says FULL. You are loved unconditionally.
Application Question: It just dawned on me that it's Wednesday when I am posting this. Our church does a Wednesday night church. Does yours? What can you INTENTIONALLY do to FILL up your spiritual tank today?

One other side note: I do not make a big deal out of EVERY dream I have, but there have been SOME dreams that have rocked my boat a little and I felt inclined to share them on my blog. Here are two of them:
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